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Why Are Football Players Paid So Much?

Football is one of the most popular games globally, along with other sports like Cricket and Basketball. With so many people crazy about football games, their expectations increase when a player performs well. But have you ever wonders why a football player’s salary is quite high?

A player is paid based on the performance and profit for the team or club they play for. The same rule applies to all, whether you are the least paid or one of the top paid players.

You must have seen the news reports and articles where the football player changes or transfers to some other club. It is like an auction among the clubs who bid on players and decide based on their gameplay and public support.

A football player’s salary is not fixed. It is decided based on their current positioning, the leagues they play for, and how well they help their respective clubs win. The footballer salary is not like a typical job salary where an employee is paid a fixed amount unless there’s an appraisal.

But here, it depends on their productivity and how well their fans support them. Also, not to forget that the football players highest paid contracts have the required terms and conditions too.

Mostly top clubs try to keep the best players to themselves and gain huge fan support. Most of the fans support a particular club because of the players in it.

How much do the football players get paid?

The clubs trying to purchase a star player for a bug league like Premier League have to see the football players highest paid contracts and current value.

On average, each league profits the top paid players in billions—every game, every advertisement, and all such other factors matter. If the player plays well, the club gets its spendings back through various channels.

The crowd support seems to be very important in football, and each fan dreams of seeing their favorite players kick the ball live. The football players’ salary is dependent on their fans and admirers.

In case the players do not perform well, the popularity factor might take a toll and affect the clubs financially. The clubs would not be able to afford the football players’ salaries.

There is the footballer salary on one end that is based on how well they perform and their rankings. The other end is ruled by advertising and marketing agencies. For instance, if a popular player endorses a car, it will pay him a lot. Since the face of that automobile company is popular enough, it will bring them more sales and profit.

It is seen that the endorsement amount they get is almost one-third of their salary.

Why are football players have a big salary?

The fact to be remembered here is that the football players salary depends on how well they perform, their rankings, records, and popularity.

If a football club signs up good players with less popularity, they will not pay them much because the clubs’ money is out of selling official merchandise, the rights of broadcasting, and the commercials. The success and profit made from promotions are possible if the top paid players do well.

The football players’ salary is dependent on the offers they get and how much they want. Being a footballer might look easy and cool, but the reality has a deeper end. These players have a career for an average of around 8 to 9 years, and these numbers are proven correct.

So imagine being able to earn well for not even ten years. Hence even the football playing salary has to be acceptable by the players. After a certain age, the footballers retire due to age and tiredness.

The best players would have a particular price set, and the clubs bid accordingly. They might increase the football players salary to bid more than other clubs.

Also, not to forget that the TV and OTT platforms have become the primary sources of entertainment. No matter what time the football match is, the fans gather up in front of the screens to watch the match.

Only certain TV or streaming media channels have the right to show the match live and these broadcasting rights are also a source of income.

Top paid football players

If you randomly ask a person who has little football knowledge, they know only certain popular names. With Messi, Neymar, and Ronaldo’s popularity, you may guess these football players salaries to be in millions. Well, you are right! But let us see the detailed figures.

The football fans are so crazy about the game, that they know the statistics and football players highest paid leagues and contracts. But let us see which football players made a fortune out of football:

  • Lionel Messi

Club name: Barcelona F.C.

Total estimated earnings: $126 million

  • Christiano Ronaldo

Club name: Juventus F.C.

Total estimated earnings: $117 million

  • Paul Pogba

Club name: Manchester United F.C.

Total estimated earnings: $34 million

  • Kylian Mbappe

Club name: Paris Saint-Germain F.C.

Total estimated earnings: $42 million

  • Mohamed Salah

Club name: Liverpool F.C.

Total estimated earnings: $37 million

  • Neymar Jr

Club name: Paris Saint-Germain F.C.

Total estimated earnings: $96 million

  • Robert Lewandowski

Club name: Bayern Munich F.C.

Total estimated earnings: $28 million

  • Antoine Griezmann

Club name: Barcelona F.C.

Total estimated earnings: $33 million

Source: Forbes

The above estimations are not just the footballer salary. It also includes the amount they have earned from promotions and advertisements.


Right from the transfer window news to player performance, the football fans know more about how the leagues may proceed. The clubs decide the top paid players, and they bid according to the competitor’s offers.

Based on the club and league, the footballer salary is determined. If the club buys an experienced player with a huge fan base, then that football players highest paid salary is discussed.

In the case of a popular player, the demand for that player is huge and the supply is less. That is, not many players may play as good as him. But since only certain popular players play in a big league, all the clubs try to either retain them or offer more. So the football players salary is not fixed.

Then we also discussed how much the top players earn from endorsing, promoting, and playing.


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