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What to watch – Football highlights or the entire match

Football is the most popular sport in the world. After the advent of internet streaming websites, fans like to watch match of the day online. Audience data collected during the 2018 world cup back this claim, with more than 3.572 billion viewers watching the most prestigious competition in football. People of different ages and demography follow this sport on an everyday basis.

Important matches in tournaments and leagues are organized on weekends to accommodate fans and to ensure high viewership.

But sometimes a football fanatic’s social and professional life takes priority, and they end up missing the match. Watching full football matches all over again can become a cumbersome task, as it requires the viewer’s undivided attention for at least an hour and a half. Taking that time out during work hours is not possible.

That’s where football highlights come into the fray. They allow you to watch the match’s critical incidents without spending almost 2 hours of your crucial time watching full football matches. By watching a 5-10 minute video, you can stay in the loop and still have intense discussions with your friend.

Pros and cons of watching the highlights or football match

Let’s go through some of the critical benefits of football highlights over a football match.


  1. Saves time- This is probably the key benefits of football highlights over watching an entire match. Viewing full football matches requires the viewer to invest at least one and a half-hour of their time. Whereas, the viewer can stream the full highlights in a matter of minutes.
  2. Doesn’t let you miss out on the action- Our lives are burdened with our work and our family obligations. Sometimes it is hard for a football fanatic to enjoy their favorite pastime. Detailed highlights allow you to follow your sport, helping you maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  3. Relive your favorite moments- Everyone has their favorite football memory, a great goal by their favorite player, or a controversial decision by the referee. It’s unreasonable to watch the entire match just to revisit the passion and excitement you felt at that moment. Full match highlights allow you to relive that same passion and excitement at your convenience.
  4. Easy to share with friends and family- Your friends or family members may not be supporting the same team as you, so asking them to watch the football match is unfair. You can share your happiness, sadness, or contextualize your critical analysis of the game by sharing the highlight of full football matches.
  5. Ability to watch multiple games very quickly- Sometimes, multiple games are scheduled at the same time. That makes it impossible to follow the important events of multiple matches. Football highlights allow you to gain information about multiple games at the same time.


  1. You miss out on an experience- There’s nothing better than enjoying a beer with your mates while watching a game of football. Watching highlights of the match doesn’t allow you to fully enjoy the experience of watching football.

How long it usually takes to watch the football highlights video

If you search for football highlights on the internet, you will come across unlicensed videos that are usually 1-3 minutes long. Sometimes websites use fake thumbnails as clickbait on videos, where the viewer gets treated to the highlight of a video game rather than a real game.

Licensed football highlights are extensive in nature and usually last between the duration of 5-10 minutes, depending on multiple in-game factors such as goalmouth action, game-altering decisions, and other significant incidents.

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Where can I watch game highlights without the result being spoilt beforehand?

There’s no excitement in opening gifts if we already know what’s in it. Everyone wants to be surprised. That’s why searching for football highlights can be disappointing if you haven’t watched the match of the day online; as a result, it is already displayed in the description of the video. understands the importance of keeping the score under wraps and maintaining the mystery. We allow you to watch a match of the day online as well as offer you no spoiler highlights, which means that our videos don’t mention the scores, allowing you to enjoy the highlights without spoiling the fun. On, you can get your daily dose of football with the website covering topics such as no spoiler highlights, football news, live scores, fixture lists concerning all the top European leagues in the world as well as international matches. Our website is available in multiple languages, making it convenient for our viewer to navigate through our website. We’re also active on multiple social media platforms, allowing our viewers to watch no spoiler highlights of the sport they love at any moment in time. You can also watch the match of the day online on our platform.

Can I download football highlights to watch offline?

Yes, you can! allows you to download all the latest full match highlights on your device. You just need to create an account, and voila! You will be able to download your favorite football highlights to watch them on the go or at a later period in time.

We have also created a mobile application that’s available in both apple and android app stores. This app enhances the user experience by sorting out your likes and dislikes and sending you timely notifications regarding any exciting development in the game you dearly love. Always keeping you informed and in the loop.


We went through some of the key benefits of football highlights through this article. In the end, we can come to the conclusion that sometimes a fan might find it hard to view a football match due to some other obligations, full match highlights are the easier way to watch a match that a football fan like you might have missed.

Football highlights show all the key incidents within a short period of time; this is one of the key benefits of football highlights. Watching full match highlights, in turn, allows you to invest your time on more pressing personal and professional matters. allows you to view no spoiler highlights that don’t spoil the fun of the result beforehand; they provide you with global football news as well as live scores, fixtures, and tables of your favorite sport, making it the one-stop-shop for all your football fandom needs.


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