Tottenham Hotspur Vs Chelsea Football Match

                         Tottenham Hotspur Vs Chelsea Football Match:

Tottenham Hotspur played total 5 shots in the match and the Chelsea played 21 shots in the match.Tottenham Hotspur played 1 shot on the target and the 4 shots off target and the Chelsea played 5 shots on the target and 10 shots off target.

Tottenham Hotspur blocked 0 and Chelsea blocked 6.
Tottenham Hotspur during the playing give passes 79.2% and Chelsea give passes 84.1%.
Attcking shots of the Tottenham Hotspur are 60.8% and the Chelsea are 7 5.9%.

Key passes at the playing time are very important and Tottenham Hotspur give the key passes 5 and Chelsea give the key paases 19.Tottenham Hotspur give to the Chelsea 1 clear cut chances but Chelsea can’t get success for the goal but Chelsea give 4 clear cut chance to the Tottenham Hotspur team.

Tottenham Hotspur defence tackles 62.5 and Chelsea defence tackles 43.8%.
Tottenham Hotspur goal keeping saves the 3 shots and Chelsea saves 0 shot.
Catches both sides are 0-0 percents.Fouls commited at the Tottenham Hotspur sides are 16 and from the Chelsea are 9.

Yellow card in the match dispaly for players to the Tottenham Hotspur team players 1 time and to the Chelsea team for 3 times.And Red card both sides 0-0.When the match time ends then both teams goals are Tottenham Hotspur 1,Chelsea 2 .


In the Tottenham Hotspur Vs Chelsea Football Match the football match Result is: Chelsea Wins the Match.

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