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What is the Biggest Football Rivalries

Rivalries are present in every game, be it cricket, tennis, or football. And rivalries are one of the main reasons for the fandom to support their idols and criticize the one they are against. Accept it or not, but this kind of feud and rivalry sometimes makes the game more interesting and engaging. And every football we know has a favorite football team and probably one team that you hate or dislike.

Football Rivalries have been a part of this game since the very beginning. Be it International Football Rivalries or national. And as the game process to the future, there are going to be many more additional rivalries. And now we are going to witness some of the biggest football rivalries ever in football history.

Liverpool v/s Manchester United

Liverpool and Manchester United are one of the biggest clubs in English football and the entire football club. However, these two FC doesn’t get along with each other. And you will be surprised to know the main reason for the rivalry between these two FC. One of the big reasons for their rivalry is different cities; yes, you read that right. Throughout the industrial revolution, there was serious completion between the cities for trade. And in this Liverpool had a very well planned stricter and plans whereas Manchester had better manufacturers. And it was in 1894 for this reason, even today the fan clubs are being bitter to each other.

Barcelona v/s Real Madrid

Barcelona and Real Madrid are one of the greatest football clubs in Spain. And the main reason for rivalry between these two FC is the historical and civilizing background of it. The Spanish civil war is one of the main reasons for it. And the increased rivalry between these over the years is because Franco was the state head in Spain. And it was on Catalan culture that time many people were against it. So, for this reason, the rivalry is continued between the two FCS.

The Psychology of football rivalries

Football rivalries have hidden psychology behind it. Rivalries create passion and motivation in the fandom. Rivalries are mentally exhausting but, at the same time, excite the fandom to support their idol more. And the fan club’s identity signifies more by the rivalries. It also gives a strong competition to the opposite team and makes the team stronger than ever. And we choose our rivalries from the very beginning of the game only, and most of the time, the main reason rivalries come from different reasons and not from the particular game. For example, as we can see in Liverpool and MU, the additional rivalries came from cities’ early history. It is the same in Barcelona vs. Madrid too.


Football is one of the most interesting games out there, and our main focus should be on enjoying the game and supporting our idols, and not hating on other FCs. We should always focus on the positive aspect of the game and ignore the narcissist haters. Even if rivalries make the game more interesting, we should still focus on our FCs, making it better.


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