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Sport as a Political Tool

In present times, using sport as a political tool has become prevalent by making use of it to establish political relations. Sports diplomacy helps in erasing a lot of differences, even in an international forum. Sports in international relations are important, as they can mend relations and represent countries. It has both positive and negative outcomes, as can be seen from analyzing past situations and the nations’ collective histories. The Political role of sport can be best highlighted via the Olympics because so many countries participate in it.

What are the political roles of sport in society?

There can be many communal disharmonies plaguing society, but through sports, people of all communities come together. Sport, as a political tool, helps in bringing together people from all backgrounds together and enjoy a particular game. It acts as a bridge between worlds that are otherwise set apart. Even countries on the verge of a war-like situation come together as part of the Olympics, play side-by-side, or against, but it helps mend many such situations. Sports in international relations help in establishing supremacies and diplomatic terms.

When sport becomes a political tool?

Many times, many politicians have worn sports attires or may have bought sports teams and led them to victory. In one way, they act as status symbols but also, it shows the presence of sport as a political tool. Sometimes prime ministers of states take names of famous athletes that give the people and polity the feel of an all-inclusive society. The Political role of sport also comprises giving a sense of hope. Sports can be used for fundraising events for charity work for the upliftment of less privileged people.

The role of sports in international relations?

Sport, as a political tool, can be seen based on how it signifies the strengthening of international relations. The viewership of sports enhances as international relations get better. This is maintaining strong ties between nations. So, it is a mutual relationship. It is a symbol of power manifestation. Sport as a political tool is evident when nations use their sports teams to resonate with their supremacy in terms of the famous Leagues being won. Through international relations, sports teams bring in a lot of revenue to the nation.


Sports and politics go hand in hand in current times. One cannot be separated from the other. There are both pros and cons attached to it. As much as it helps build the feeling of the oneness of a nation, at other times, it creates even greater rifts. Sport, as a political tool, if defined wisely, can be of great value to a nation in terms of tourism, revenue, and also popularity. So many famous football clubs have achieved this objective for their mother nations. Some countries become very popular over how they perform in the Olympics, which helps them gain International relevance.


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