mario mandzukic

mario mandzukic

  • D.O.B
  • GOALs
  • 21/5/1986
  • 8
  • Croatian
  • 1.9 M
  • 86 kg


Full Name: Mario Mandzukic

Date of Birth: May 21, 1986

Birthplace: Slavonski Brod, Croatia

Height: 190cm

Occupation: Football Player

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Mario Mandzukic’s Overview:



Mario Mandzukic isn’t a perfect football player. He doesn’t just like the methods once the whole team comes on the point of the penalty space.


Mario prefers to dominate the attack. At an equivalent time, he demonstrates the spectacular performance, sensible speed and, what’s a lot of necessary, the need to win trophies.



Mario Mandzukic’s Childhood and youth:



Mario is Croatian. His mother is Yugoslavia. The footballer and his sister were born in a very major industrial center of Slavonski Brod. The family relocated to Germany as of the war that engulfed the country in 1992.


The boy’s father, Micu, was a football player. In a new place, he had to play soccer professionally to form a living. The son went together with his father to coaching and step by step joined the soccer college.

After the family didn’t get a residence to allow, they came to the European nation. Mario began to play for the native club Marsonia. In total, he played 23 matches and scored 14 goals.



Mario Mandzukic’s career:



The first major club within the career of Mario was NK Zagreb, wherever the proficient player affected in 2005 and contends for 2 seasons. Miroslav Blazevic was Mandzukic’s coach. He led Croatia to the bronze medals of the 1998 FIFA tournament and additionally trained Davor Suker.


Later, the Croatian Dynamo saw a strong assailant with the peak of 190 cm and weight of 85 weight unit as a substitute for subtler Eduardo public prosecutor sylva.


The forward compete in 112 games, created 36 assists, scored fifty-three goals, became the simplest scorer of the season and compete within the FIFA Champions League.


Besides, he won the Croatian initial league thrice and have become an in depth friend with Luka Modric.


Mario scored 20 goals in 43 games and won the Supercopa Delaware Espana for the Spanish club.


In 2015, though there have been 3 years till the top of the contract with the striker, the club had to decide on between Mandzukic and Antoine Griezmann.


They selected the second player. However, the Croatian reaped profits too as a result of his childhood dream come true. Mario was oversubscribed to Juventus for €19 million.


In 2016, London West Ham United soccer Club got interested in Mandzukic. The British thought that the footballer’s taking part in time would be reduced when Juventus purchased Gonzalo Higuain for € 94 million.


Moreover, at that point, Mario’s subject, Slaven Bilic was the coach of the Hammers.

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Mario Mandzukic’s Personal Life:



Mario’s girlfriend is commonly mixed up composed with his sister as a result of the often posts photos together with her on Instagram and Twitter. The contestant doesn’t have associate degree account on Facebook.


The soccer player’s unwritten partner appears like his sister, and her name is additionally Ivana. It’s noted that the woman is Croat.

Mario loves dogs. There’s data that once the striker lived in Croatia, there have been six dogs in his house. Nowadays, a pug, Lenny, entertains Mandzukic.




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