Angel Di Maria

Angel Di Maria

  • D.O.B
  • GOALs
  • 14/02/1988
  • 104
  • 253
  • 2
  • 3
  • Germany
  • 1.8 M
  • 75 kg


Angel Di Maria was born Feb 14, 1988, birthplace is Rosario and birth country is Argentina. His age is 30 years old, and nationality is Argentina, his weight 75kg, and his height is 1.80m. His full name is Ángel Fabián Di María Hernández.

Father: Angel father name is Miguel.

Mother: His mother name is Diana.

Player Data:

Angel is famous as footballer player the of Argentina. Di Maria is a more left player. His position at team forwarder.


Angel was born in Rosario, birth country Argentina and depleted his early age in Perdriel. Di Maria parents are Miguel Di María and Diana Di María. He has 2 sisters, and her name is Vanesa and Evelyn. Di Maria family was very poor in his before time.

His full name is Ángel Fabián di María Hernández. He belongs to the white ethnic background. His face is dark brown and the hair is also colored in dark brown. His weight is 75 kg. He has a nickname Fideo which means Spanish in the noodle.

Exciting FACTS:

The full name is Ángel Fabián di María Hernández. Di Maria belongs to the white national background. Angel look gloomy chocolaty and hair is also shady brown. His nickname is Fideo.


Most importantly, Angel Di Maria punch the goal that earned the gold medal for the country at the Olympics 2008. The issue of reality, Di Maria represented his country in a range of tournaments. The surrounded by which the main 1 take in two FIFA World Cups and three Copa America. eventually, Di Maria could arrive at the closing round FIFA World Cup of 2014.


Personal Life Angel

is joyfully married to his good-looking wife, her name is Jorgelina. The couple is sacred a handsome. The daughter name is Mia but she was 3 months untimely. She survived at a concentrated think about the part in Madrid at Hospital Universitario Montepríncipe.


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