Manchester United News : Mourinho news,Transfer news today

 Manchester United News:Mourinho news, Transfer News Today

Rumors are Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been appointed as the  Manchester United manager. After Jouse Mourinho poor work with there player in dressing room. At the end of match between Manchester and Chelsea on October 20, 2018 mourinhos engaged with Ross barkley when they goal at the end of match. Also in this season they just won 7 games in their first opening 17 games. They lost 19 points, Mourinhos also make bad in drssing room in this season

These are all the reason Mourinhos is replacing by Ole Gunnar, there are also rumours that mourinhos is going back to Real Madrid.

Manchester united news: Transfer news today

Gossip master also saying that some good player of United get benefit of the departure of Mourinhos form Manchester United, like Paul pogba, Romelo Lukaka because Ole Gunnar is big fan of Pogba. But what comes next in united lines we still confuse. Ole Gunnar is caretaker manager of Uniteds team. He is still not appointed as a manger of United who have all writes.

  Shaw says  Mourinho should be respected


Luke shaw says to media we have to respect Jouse Mourinho have to be respected  because he did too much for Manchester united.

Shaw also said we as a team have to pay respect to the Jouse . After his dismissal happen at the club which is not good for as good palyer. People forget good things which is happened when jouse lead us to get three trophies.

People have to respect them for their good work what he did in his region, there is uo and down are always there.

Manchester United news: Mourinho news transfer news today

Shaw was also critical in the region of jouse but defender pay him tribute for his good work.

He also says we have to focuse onwards . There is still chances to enhance our abilities and to focus on how to catch up.

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