manchester city vs tottenham champions league history uefa draw | football detail

manchester city vs tottenham champions league history uefa draw | football detail

Manchester city won the match against Tottenham Hotspure with 1-0 with

that score Manchester is back to the PL table.

That one and only Goal was made by the Phil Foden’s and goal wa made after

only five minutes.

Sergio Aguero headed acroos goal for Foden to made a home

Manchester city got the 10th successive league win and with what city is one

step ahead of Liverpool, Liverpool came to Cardiff city on Sunday and both team

had played 34 matches till now

Tottenham champions league history

The first british club who win the major European competition is Tottenham. Club won the European

Cup  in 1963 and 1984 and also in 1972 they won the inaugural UEFA cup.

When the club was playing in 2016-17 UEFA champion league against Monaco club made a highest

attendance record of 85,000

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Manchester City vs Tottenham Hotspur Highlights
Competition: Premier League

Referee:   M. Oliver
Stadium:   Etihad Stadium (Manchester)
Date:      20April 2019

Some other highlights about match

M, CITY                                                         TOTTENHAM

5                                                       Shots blocked                                                        3

10                                                     Shots inside box                                                   7

5                                                       Shots outside box                                                3

140                                                   Attacks                                                                   71

72                                                     Dangerous Attacks                                              28

10                                                     Goal Attempts                                                      7

4                                                       Saves                                                                      3

576                                                   Passes                                                                   379

504                                                   Accurate Passes                                                  284

88                                                     Accurate Passes%                                               75

11                                                      Fouls                                                                      11

4                                                       Corners                                                                  11

2                                                       Offsides                                                                 2

1                                                        Yellow Cards                                                        2

3                                                       Substitutions                                                        3


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