Manchester City vs Liverpool FC:Premier League title

Manchester City vs Liverpool FC:Premier League title

There is champs against challengers when Manchester City host Liverpool at the Etihad Stadium on Thursday but  did you think the results decide the race of winning? History  explains us that the  results of such games can make a big change when the points are checked at the end…

Liverpool’s 54-point pull after 20 games is not quite extraor

Manchester City vs Liverpool FC:Premier League title

dinary but it is unusual. Merely three other  teams in premier league have even hit the 50-point spot at this stage of the season and each of them – Chelsea in 2005-06, Manchester United in 2006-07 and Manchester City in 2017-18 – went on to be capped champions. History is on their side.

Though, the attitude could change very swiftly if things do not go Liverpool’s way. When they travel to look City at the Etihad Stadium on Thursday sundown. Win and Jurgen Klopp’s side will spread their lead over the ruling champions to a apparently unquestionable 10 points. Lose and City will find themselves within just four points of Liverpool.

Will the Fight between Manchester City and Liverpool prove  conclusive?

Whatever occurs on Thursday, there is more point for playing and came at points table. So remaining 17 matches decide what happen next. Who is out of the race and who is still in course. But do not undervalue the power of these supposed deciders in affecting the title intention. History shows how different things  happen if the big matches had gone the other way.


Liverpool superbly submitted the old Division One title to Arsenal almost 30 years ago  at the end moment of the final match of the season. When Michael Thomas ran through to score. But even the club’s own followers might be amazed to know how many Premier League titles could have been theirs if they had got it right in these fights.

Most of us remember the 2013-14 near miss below Brendan Rodgers for the Chelsea fall that gave control of the title race back to City. But it is worth noting too that, despite Liverpool winning a memorable match at Anfield. Had they been able to avoid defeat at the Etihad on Boxing Day? The point swipe would have been enough to win the title.

Liverpool ended fourth beneath Roy Evans.  Seven-point shortage to ultimate winners Manchester United due much to the fact that Sir Alex Ferguson’s side did the double over Liverpool.  If Evans team could pick up two point they will come on top again.




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