Korea Republic vs Saudi Arabia FootBall Match

    Korea Republic vs Saudi Arabia FootBall Match

When the First Half begins. Then Abdulaziz Al-Bishi Saudi Arabia player wins a free kick in the defensive half. Thats foul by Ki Sung-yueng which is korea Republic player. And Korea Republic played total 8 shots in the match and the Suadi Arabia played 11 shots in the match.

Korea Republic played 0 shot on the target and the 7 shots off target and  also the Suadi Arabia played 4 shots on the target and 5 shots off target. Suadi Arabia blocked 2 and also  Korea Republic blocked 1.
Korea Republic during the playing give passes 84% and  also Suadi Arabia give passes 81.7%.

Attcking shots of the korea Republic are 73.2% and also the Suadi Arabia are 7 2.2%.
Key passes at the playing time are very important and Korea Republic also  give the key passes 6 and Suadi Arabia give the key paases 9.

Korea Republic give to the Suadi Arabia 2 clear cut chances but Suadi Arabia can’t get success for the goal but Suadi Arabia give no one  clear cut chance to the korea Republic team. And Korea Republic defence tackles 64.35 and Suadi Arabia also defence tackles 71.4%.

korea Republic goal keeping saves the 4 shots and Suadi Arabia saves 0 shot.
Catches both sides are 0-0.Fouls at the Korea Republic sides are 19 and from the Suadi Arabia are 11.

Yellow card in the match dispaly for only one player that is from the Saudi Arabia team player.And Red card both sides 0-0.When the match time ends then both teams goals are Korea Republic 0, Saudi Arabia 0 .

Match Result:     draw.

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