Ivan Rakitic


Full Name: Ivan Rakitic

Nick Name: The Rocket

Date of Birth: March 10, 1988

Nationality: Croatia

Height: 184cm

Birth Place: Mohlin, Switzerland

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The celebrated Croatian national team member Ivan Rakitic nicknamed “The Rocket” within the Croatian press may have didn’t enter the team. The player’s oldsters had to depart their home country due to the war. And Ivan was born in a European country.


In this country, his talent developed, therefore he had joined the Spanish clubs Sevilla and port. Still, because the jock finished supporting Swiss at youth championships. The 19-year-old midfielder debuted in his motherland’s national team.


Rakitić’s selection was also the tribute to his parents who had holy sanctified for his or her son’s association football career.



Early Life:



Ivan was born on March 10, 1988, into the family of a football game player: his father Luka Rakitic won’t play within the Bosnian club Celik Zenica in his youth.


Since the tough financial condition in Yugoslav and also the Yugoslav Wars. The person unreal of fleeing abroad. His elder brother lived in Svizzera, and also the jock set to go to him. In Svizzera, the team of the little city Mohlin invited the sportswoman, secure to seek out him a daily job, and facilitate with the documents necessary for the entire family to maneuver.


Through the team couldn’t climb beyond the fourth division, the person accepted the provide.



Ivan Rakitic’s Career:



In the first place, Rakitic debuted for Swiss people team at the top of summer 2005. He appeared on the sector within the UEFA Galilean satellite League qualifying match. And contend against the European nation club Siroki Brijeg.


Metropolis managed to defeat its opponent in each qualifying games and created it up to the match wherever Middles brought won.


Despite the sure-fire session, Rakitic didn’t play additional within the League within the the2005-2006 season; he also took part in a single match for the national team.


The season 2013/2014 brought the breakthrough: the coach of Sevilla gave him the position of the team’s captain.


Ivan’s 2 goals to real national capital and also the series of flourishing matches created him the most effective player of the Spanish championship.


There was a penalty series within the game with Benfica the Spanish wrenched the conclusion out of the Portuguese team’s hands.

Fans’ robust emotions were intense by Rakitić’s action: holding the legendary Cup, the city captain kissed the middle defender Daniel Carriço.


Though Ivan had a year-old girl and explained his behavior, there have been several rumors concerning the sportsman’s orientation. However, they weren’t confirmed.


Ivan Rakitic, Ivan Rakitic footballer, Ivan Rakitic craotia, Ivan Rakitic croatia footballer



Ivan Rakitic’s Personal Life:



Ivan is married: the world’s football game star met Raquel Mauri once she worked and offered him a drink at the Spanish hotel bar.


At that point, the player was getting to sign the contract with the urban center. However, the communication was virtually impossible.


Rakitic didn’t speak Spanish whereas Raquel couldn’t speak the languages Ivan may.


This challenge didn’t stop Ivan: he stayed at the office for 3 months, step by step learned Spanish, and tried to court the adult female.


The couple married in 2015, 2 years after their first Daughter was born. In 2016, the second Daughter Adara was born.





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