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                      Barcelona Transfer News 2018


  Both rivals Barcelona &Real Madrid want Marcus Rashford

There is rumors of  Barcelona Transfer News 2018 which is spreading by some of big analysts that is also Barcelona desire for Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford, which is the real Christmas cookie in these holidays.

It appears some of “think tank” at the Camp Nou have compiled a report on Rashford who is also liked by their rivals  Real Madrid and AC Milan.

Their is also rumours that  Rashford’s  could move on if new boss at Old Trafford “Ole Gunnar Solskjaer” is  not consider to kick on. So his future at Old Trafford is also not secure described  by some think  tanks, that is the reason by which Barcelona is interested in Rashfords. That is the Barcleona Transfer News 2018.

Marcus Rashford

Barcelona Transfer News 2018



Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund monitoring by Barcelona 

Jadon  Sancho is   English professional player. Who plays as a wing player for Bundesliga club in Germany  and also for the England national team. Sancho also play in Manchester city in youth.

Jadon Sancho perform good in German  Bundesliga  league and make waves among people in this season.

So  that make the reason to create interest in Barcelona and Real madrid.


Barcelona  Want Andrien Rabiot €10m signing bonus

There is gossip in France Andrien Rabiot refuses Chelsea and Juventus because of Barcelona.

Rabiot will sign in January a pre-contract with  Fc Barcelona, and the Spanish team will hand him a signing bonusthat is €10 million.

Andrien Rabiot

Barcelona Transfer News 2018

Luis Suarez at Barcelona replaced by Maxi Gomes to replace?

In Spain they want the good replace of Luis Suarez like him who fill his place.And they consider Maxi as his replica.

Report Says at Camp Nou : “Maxi is a very good player and always has his focus on the game . He knows how to move himself against opposition, he’s quicker and smart.  He didn’t afraid to take shot, and make good chemistry with their teammates

Maxi Gomez, Barcelona Transfer News 2018


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